About Me

Brittani Roltgen is an up-and-coming leader in the realm of public service. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she began her career as an unpaid intern eager to learn about Human Resources within the public sector. Upon graduation, she began working full time in the Human Resources department and is currently a Human Resources Analyst serving the City of San Luis Obispo. At present, Brittani’s work focuses on collaborating with departments on their organizational structures in support of the City of San Luis Obispo’s “Organization of the Future,” continuing to implement the City’s Human Capital Management System, and overseeing recruitment, classification, and compensation. Also, Brittani currently enjoys serving as Vice President of the City’s Professional Association of City Employees (PACE) and is a founding member of the Women’s Empowerment Alliance (WEA) at the City of San Luis Obispo. In addition to work, she is a currently pursuing her Master of Public Administration at the University of Southern California – Sol Price School of Public Policy, and volunteers as a Chapter Advisor for the Epsilon Omega chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, a women’s fraternity.

One of the principles that guides Brittani’s professional endeavors is the idea that better decision making happens when multiple perspectives are taken into account. Because of this, she strives to help her subordinates and teammates feel comfortable speaking up and challenging ideas and norms.

In her free time, Brittani enjoys the beautiful hiking trails and wineries around San Luis Obispo, honing her photography skills, and hosting (currently virtual) game nights with friends and family.

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