Blondest Photography


I strongly believe that photographs are the best way to preserve our memories. To me, a photo is truly worth a thousand words. It is a moment in time perfectly preserved. Whether it’s a senior picture, the first kiss shared by a married couple, or a family gathering, our memories are important. I started Blondest Photography because I love capturing moments in photographs. If I can capture the love between a couple, the personality of someone, or the bond between two siblings then I’m doing my job correctly and I am a happy photographer. Photography is my biggest passion, and I hope to continue practicing it for many years to come.

The Lovely Lyre


This is a collaborative project I’m working on with my mom. We run the Etsy store together: me doing the marketing and most of the designs, and her helping with the designs and creating the finished project. It’s a fun business to run, and we both enjoy it very much.

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