Audrey Hepburn

A perfect example of timeless elegance. Known and respected for being a class act, she is definitely one of my role models. I’m constantly striving to achieve her level of grace and sophistication.


Elle Woods

This girl is hands down my favorite fictional character of all time. Throughout her journey, she proves to be intuitive, cunning, and resilient. She follows her heart and achieves her goals through sheer hard work and determination, without pulling any strings or calling in favors. She is a self-made woman with an amazingly supportive group of friends, and she does it all while looking fabulous.


Kate Spade

This brand is the culmination of everything I love. The designs are daring and innovative while still remaining classic, which is the perfect combination. This company is not afraid to take risks, and always ends up producing stunning, high-quality products. Although the prices can be steep, buying from Kate Spade is an investment. You know that what you are buying will last for years, because it can withstand wear-and-tear, as well as the test of time.

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