The Last Summer

One more quarter of college, and then I’m off.

“Off where?” -you might ask.

Real Answer: I’m not exactly sure yet. There are several options laid out before me, and I haven’t decided which path I want to take. Luckily, I still have some time to decide.

Option 1: Grad School.

When I first came to college, I never imagined I would go to grad school. It wasn’t a blip on my radar, not even a distant thought in my mind. As I have progressed through my college career, I’ve warmed up to the idea, even going so far as to looking into several different programs, making multiple pro-con lists, cross checking them, and organizing them by level of importance. At this point I may have (almost) come full circle. While I love the idea of getting my MBA at some point, I’m not sure this is the right time to tackle that adventure.

Cal Poly has a great one year program, and it would be so nice to stay in San Luis Obispo for another year. It would also be great to explore a new town for a couple of years, maybe somewhere out of state. However, this option just seems like I’m putting off the “Real World.”

Option 2: Get a Real Job.

While I knew this was coming, ever since I’ve entertained the idea of Grad School I’ve filed getting a real job under the “Someday” category. Now that this deadline may be coming much faster than I anticipated, I’m feeling slightly anxious. However, this option is also filled with so much promise and possibility.

For now, I’m undecided.


Here’s to a summer full of decision making.

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