Realizing My Childhood is Over: A Tale of Working Full-Time

Summer used to mean sleeping in, soaking up the sun, and forgetting about school for a few months. It was a much-needed break from all the stress that had piled up throughout the year due to homework, tests, papers, and the looming thought of college applications. Now I’m well past that stage, but sadly my idea of summer seems to have become just a memory. As a working girl, this is what my schedule has devolved to, Monday-Friday:

6:00-6:15: Argue with my alarm about the time

6:15-7:00: Workout, shower, and attempt to tame my hair

7:00-8:00: Make breakfast and coffee (or grab some from Starbucks, depending on how the week is going). Attempt to find free parking on Peach Street (the parking structures downtown raised their rate to $1/hour, which ends up making one of my working hours irrelevant) or walk to campus, depending on what day it is.

8:00-12:00: Work.

12:00-1:00: Enjoy my one hour of sunshine by eating lunch, reading, writing, or getting in an extra work out if the morning one didn’t go very well. Probably get (more) Starbucks.

1:00-5:00: Work.

5:00-10:00: Make dinner and do adult things, like laundry or grocery shopping. Usually work on something to get ready for Fall Quarter, such as looking into halls for Initiation or preparing materials for ceremonies. If I’m lucky one of my friends will want to hike or get dinner, which is a nice break from the monotony.

10:00-6:00: Sleep.

And there you have it folks, this is what I’m praying the Real World doesn’t actually look like. Oh, and to make matters worse, I’ve completely lost my ability to sleep in on the weekends. Could life get any worse? (Yes, yes it could.)

In reality, I’m very thankful for both of my positions, and love the experience I’m getting every day I work. Both environments are fun and filled with camaraderie, and I actually look forward to heading into the office (most days). It’s an exciting new time in my life, but every so often I feel a pang of nostalgia for the days of catching butterflies and running free under the summer sun.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, being caught in the middle. But honestly, at this point I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love & Loyalty,


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